Lisa-Marie Carter - NIKAO
NIKAO meaning ‘To Win, to Overcome and to have the Victory’, creates luxury fashion jewellery with a difference. Bold, unapologetic, innovative, playful and daring, NIKAO caters to the fashion conscious woman who isn’t afraid to go against the grain.

“Jewellery For Women Who Write Their Own Rules.” #RuleWriters

Created by self-taught British jewellery designer Lisa-Marie Carter, and made in London, NIKAO offers high end fashion jewellery with 18k gold plated and sterling silver pieces accompanied by a wide range of materials and textures to exude a look of distinctive opulence. The designs are inspired by her culture, real life experiences and themes relating to female empowerment and are all very much statement pieces crafted to provoke a reaction of surprise, intrigue and adornment.

Lisa-Marie was frequently finding it a struggle to find jewellery that really appealed to her and her style needs. Stating ‘I feel when it comes to jewellery you should feel a connection and fall in with a piece, and this wasn’t happening for me with most of what was available in the market. Because of this I decided I wanted to create pieces that women could feel this way about, and that represent her as a person and her style, and so I created NIKAO.’

Designed with the fearless and vivacious woman in mind, each collection is a chapter which tells a story to empower and inspire women to achieve greatness. The NIKAO woman is anything but average, she has her own identity, her own opinions – and she isn’t afraid to express them.

From the founder and creative director of Love My Custom, the kitsch acrylic jewellery brand where Lisa-Marie’s journey with jewellery design began, NIKAO is the big sister of the brand, reflecting upon the growth and changes in style we all experience.

‘I believe that jewellery is an imperative part of a women’s style, communicating her own persona and interests, and the completion to her outfit. Through my designs I want to make women look and feel exceptional, strong and confident; never fragile, average or overlooked. Women are multi dimensional and complex individuals who face so many different obstacles in life, so my wish for us all is to emanate success and accomplishment, ultimately standing for positivity, victory and knowing our own worth.’ – Lisa-Marie Carter