SS16 – Chapter 1: More Than A Woman

The ‘More Than A Woman’ chapter is NIKAO’s début collection, featuring 18k gold plated pieces, all displaying empowering wording in 3D lettering, reinforcing the power behind the meaning of every word. Each word displayed on the pieces throughout the collection portrays several of the many alluring, DREAMY and strong attributes of a woman, and in a nutshell tells the world that a woman being a woman is more than enough, you are more than enough for any situation or for anyone. The hinderance can sometimes be that as woman we’re often put into a box and categorised by others definitions of what we should do, what we should be and what we can achieve, or told what type of woman we are based upon societies stereotypes, and sadly these views often limit us mentally. How you identify with your womanhood is not validated by society or anyone but yourself, you’re not defined by your gender, you’re not limited to anything, you’re more than someone else’s definition of you, more than someone’s expectations of you, within us we hold infinite possibilities.

I’m a Mother, fiancé & entrepreneur who works not only in Fashion, but also in IT. I’m a girl on a mission to understand and embrace my womanhood and have truly grasped the fact that the world is my oyster; I can be what ever I choose. After a very long love affair with fashion and statement jewellery, 6 years ago I decided that I wanted to create my own line of jewellery; with no formal training I am now a jewellery designer with my own brand! That in itself is testament to the fact that we can achieve what we set our sights upon and that we are more than the woman you see today, tomorrow I can completely change direction and become more than the woman I was yesterday which is what I wanted to illustrate within this collection.

YES we are capable of anything and therefore should be hungry for everything we desire, we can do or be whomever or whatever we choose, we are more than our sexuality, more than a mother, more than a wife, more than the makeup on our face, more than shaved or unshaven armpits, more than our career, more than the dress we do or do not wear, more than the length of our hair and the list goes on. Being a woman goes beyond our biology, as women it is our individuality and choices which makes us who we are and makes us RARE. We encompass many versions of ourselves, throughout history and even my lifetime I’ve witnessed so many different representations of women and I find it all beautiful and very intriguing. Not embracing one or more characteristics that society tells us defines a women does not make us any less of a woman.

As women we all share different experiences in life, we all face different obstacles and have very different privileges all of which contribute to our individuality which gives more to us than what meets the eye. We are all very unique and our uniqueness is what makes the magic happen and where the WOW factor is found. Embrace all of who you are and do it with LOVE, always knowing that you can be more or do more at any single time, and without having to live up to anyone’s expectations or definitions of who or what you should be. We are dynamic and COMPLEX individuals, we are ‘More Than A Woman’.

Lisa-Marie Carter xo